Upcoming Events


                  December Hunt

    Afternoon Hunt

Sunday, December 12, 2021 

at Hunters Creek

675 Sutton Rd., Metamora, MI 48455


12:00 noon - Lunch at Hunters Creek

            1:00 pm  -     7 - Bird Field Hunt

            4:00 pm - Light Hors d'oeuvres & Wine*

W&WS Members: $330 credit card

W&WS Members:  $320 check by mail

Non-Members:      $470 credit card or check

* Please bring a bottle or two of your favorite wine to share. You are also welcome to bring any other beverage of  preference.



All cancellation requests must be received by telephone (248-643-6590) by 9:00 a.m. the Friday prior to the hunt/event.

January Hunt

Morning  Hunt

Sunday, January 15th, 2022

at Hunters Creek

675 Sutton Road, Metamora, MI 48455


        8:00 am - Breakfast

        9:00 am -  7-Bird Field Hunt

       12:00 noon - Lunch with Wine*

       W&WS Member $ 330 credit card 

       W&W Member $ 320 check by mail

    Non-Member  $$470 credit card or check

 * Please bring a bottle or two of your favorite   wine to share. You are also welcome to bring     any other beverage of preference


Monthly Hunts

Hunts are held each month from September through April.  Generally, they are 7-bird field hunts at Hunters Creek.  Once or twice a season, we will change the format to a European Hunt.  If you have never experienced a European Hunt, you do not want to miss this event!  There are 20 shooting stations in a large circle around a wooded area. The birds are released in the center and they come flying out of the woods high and fast!  Every few minutes, the horn blows and you move to the next station.  The European-style hunt is a fun and exciting experience, so bring along your kids...they will love it!

Couples Wobble Trap Event

This event is held at The Huntsman.  It starts in the afternoon with clay shooting and is followed by hors d'oeuvres and wine at the club. 

Clays & Golf Invitational

We start out in the morning at Hunters Creek with teams of four competing on the Sporting Clay course.  After breaking for lunch, we head to Metamora Country Club for 18 holes followed by wine and hors d'oeuvres. 


2021-2022 Event Dates


Sunday, September 19th Afternoon Hunt Completed

Sunday, October 3rd  Afternoon Hunt  Completed

Saturday, November 20th Afternoon European followed by wine tasting Big Bird Classic                                                           (sporting clays option for 2:00PM) Completed

Sunday, December 12th Afternoon hunt 

Saturday, January 15th Morning Hunt 

Saturday, February 19th Afternoon Hunt with late start 2:00 -

                                                  (No lunch but Valentine's Dinner at Boars Nest)

Saturday, March 19th Afternoon Pheasant Hunt - With DAC Rod & Gun Club (tentative)

Saturday, April 16th Afternoon Hunt